Pout-it-Out Makeup Artistry

Styled Shoot

brief overview

Prominent service providers in the event industry were asked to feature in a styled photo shoot.

The theme of the styled shoot was LIQUID MARBLE -The Movement of marble, the streaks of lava and the richness of stone was the inspiration.

The combination of raw against refined, Glittery against robust, patterned against solids truly made for a spectacular set. 
The stationary was robust in design with dark purple, marbles and a modern contemporary font to match. Soft and elegant pinks, dark alluring black zantedeschia and privet berries made for striking floral design and the miniature cacti added a great design feel to the floral design in-between the uses of gold candles.  

Combining the theme with a Bridal concept can be both challenging and extremely exciting. 

Our bride truly owned the moment with her ‘subtle eyeshadow tones’, which leaned towards the naturalist bride. Yet, added to it, a bit of cultural dotting, hinting towards olden tradition.The charming romantic roses used in the decor inspiring her lip colour. 

Overall, a gentle nod towards marrying a concept and a theme, whilst maintaining the essence of the project. 

Pout-it-Out Makeup Artistry