” Happy is the bride that the sun shines on” ~ Robert Herrick Katja’s smile is absolutely contagious and the happiness element was the perfect finishing touch to her ‘no-fuss’ makeup look. Sweet 6year old Mila was equally excited. It was a blast getting Katja and her party ready on a beautiful Namibian summers day!


To date we have done a couple of projects which range from short to feature film. Short films are motion pictures not long enough in running time to be considered a feature film. They are usually 40 minutes or less. Whereas features films are the typical full-length ‘movies’ we frequently enjoy for 75 to 210 minutes. […]

Christmas Campaign

For the MTC Christmas Campaign, Pout-it-Out was spread over the departments: hair, makeup and wardrobe. Multi tasking is a blast when there is trust in the group and of course, proper planning. FUN FACT: Sometimes applying makeup can be as subtle as just powder or colour correcting the skin.

Vehicle Campaign

To launch their exciting new offers for the Vehicle & Financing department, we once again had a great time working with Bank Windhoek and Creative Lab

Legacy Campaign

FNB Private Wealth Campaign A series of images reflects: “Your passion and drive in everything you do inspires us.We want to acknowledge how far you have come and continue with you on this journey of achieving your purpose.Through our expert advice and experience in wealth creation, we will help you create lasting value whilst you […]

Bridal Compilation

Throughout the years we have been fortunate to prepare multiple Brides for their I-DO’s. Working with our brides to bring their vision into existence, to help realize a life long dream; fuels our passion for the beauty of transformation. The process does not only require understanding what our bride envisions, but stepping into her world […]

Lifestyle Shoot

Aaron’s Burger Joint a proudly Namibian food franchise asked CreativeLAB to capture lifestyle images for their exciting new brand. Pout-it-Out came on board for hair and makeup.

Together Campaign

For the Bank Windhoek campaign ‘Together’, the brief was to create an ad that brings the brand’s values to life and how they continuously strive to build strong lasting relationships with their customers, being there every step of the way. Pout-it-Out was in charge of hair, makeup and wardrobe throughout all 13 scenes.


For Diana’s makeup we went for a soft and natural look that was easily maintained with a mini glam touch-up kit. For her hair, the initial idea was a full head plait, running down over her shoulder, embellished with hair jewels. In the end, because of the all movement and the full program that awaited […]


Calm and collected. Getting Esmerelda and her entourage ready was all about naturalism and having fun. We opted for a very natural look on Esmerelda, both on her hair and makeup. She wears it extremely well and its reflected in her ease in front of the camera. This gorgeous bride just couldn’t wait to get […]